Can IoT devices be hacked?

Introduction: Can IoT devices be hacked? Internet of Things (IoT) security is becoming increasingly important in the big picture of cyber security.

While cybersecurity seeks to save Internet-connected systems from cyber threats, IoT security is about protecting connected devices. IoT refers to a method of physical devices or hardware that receives and transmits data over networks without human intervention. 

A typical IoT system continuously sends, acquires, and analyzes data in a feedback loop. If you’ve heard something called “smart,” that usually refers to the IoT. Common consumer use cases include smartphones, smart watches, smart homes, and self-driving cars.

Like any connected technology, IoT devices can be vulnerable to hacking if not adequately secured. While IoT devices offer convenience and enhanced functionality, they also introduce new risks to privacy and security. Let’s know Can IoT devices be hacked? If yes then why?

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Pros and Cons of IoT Devices

Introduction: Pros and Cons of IoT Devices. The Internet of Things includes multiple physical devices connected worldwide, collecting and sharing data. Due to the production of very cheap computer chips and the availability of wireless networks, it is possible to turn anything or object into part of the IoT. 

Suppose we connect all these different objects and add sensors to them. In that case, it counts a level of digital brilliance to devices that would otherwise be witless, allowing them to perform real-time tasks without human involvement and Enabling interaction with data. Internet of Things appliances incorporate digital and physical universes to make the world around us more capable and responsive.

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IoT Devices Examples

Introduction: IoT Devices Examples. It is a matter of today that many IoT products have overtaken the large number of humans on this planet. There are around 7.62 billion human beings on our planet.

Yet, to your surprise, with the ever-growing graph of IoT devices, by 2022, around 20 billion IoT smart devices could be up and running with the increased demand for 5g networks. 

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