Should medical marijuana legalize?

Introduction: Should medical marijuana legalize? Marijuana is cannabis and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The legality of its use as a medical purpose has been controversial over the decades. In the recent year, there has been improvement, and its uses as medicine have become legal.

It has both long and short-term side effects on the health. In this article, we will explore the argument against and in favor of its legal use and move to its medicinal legalization and side effects on health.

Should medical marijuana legalize?

The medical use of marijuana is a very complex issue that has controversy. It has many medical benefits like reducing anxiety, and headaches, It reduces black marketing of drugs, and increasing government revenue. It also has some negative side effects, which suggest that it should not allow.

This question needs careful consideration and evidence as scientific favors become legal for medical purposes. Ler’s read Should medical marijuana legalize?

History of Marijuana and its medical uses 

Marijuana has been used as a medicinal for thousands of years. The old civilization in China, Egypt, and India used that plant for various medical purposes. The first medical use of marijuana occurred in the United States in 1850 to cure ailments of headache, nausea, and rheumatism.

In early 1900, the use declined due to its psychoactive side effects rising the evolution of modern medicine. In 1937 it was declared illegal for medical purposes in the United States. In1970 Act, it was again made illegal to use for any purpose, including medical purposes, because it is a drug substance. 

In the recent year, with the growing advancement of technology and medicinal use, marijuana is becoming legal in many countries. Many states have already considered it legal, while a few are considering its legal uses. 

Arguments for the legalization of marijuana medical use 

There are various arguments in favor of the legalization of marijuana for medical uses, according to medical sciences. 

1: Medicinal benefits

The strongest argument in favor of marijuana’s medical use is that it has medicine beneficial for many illnesses. With the growing advancement in scientific research, marijuana is becoming legal. Need for treating many sicknesses, including chronic pain, nausea, headache, and spasticity. It is effective for treating the chronic pain in adults. 

2: reduce overdose death and opioid use. 

Another argument favoring the marijuana medical organization is that It can reduce opioid use and overdose death. Opioids are addictive and have many side effects on respiratory depression and death. In the states where marijuana use is legal, the rate of overdose death and opioid use is very lower. Thus its usage should promote and allow in the specified way. 

3: Revenue for the government 

it is very strong evidence in favor of marijuana medical use items that it can generate revenue for the government. The states which have legal use of marijuana receive the larger amount of tax revenue.

The revenue obtained from marijuana can use for education, healthcare, society, law enforcement, and human welfare. So marijuana should legalize for its gross net profit tax production. 

4: Reduces the criminal activity 

Marijuana legal use can reduce legal activity. When marijuana was illegal, people sold it in the back market, which gave rise to many crimes. The legal use of marijuana has reduced the illegal supply of drugs and medicine, making it easier for patients to get it legally. Thus the legal use of marijuana would end the criminality and black marketing of drugs and medicine. It should allow legal use for medical purposes. 

Arguments against the legalization of marijuana medical use 

As you know that there are many benefits to the legalization of marijuana and medical use, but there are also some points that go against its legality. 

1: it can abuse 

One of the strongest arguments against the legalization of medical marijuana use is that it can abuse. Marijuana has psychoactive effects, which brings impair judgments and addiction. Critics say that the legal use of marijuana will allow people to gain the drug and become used to addiction and overuse and get abused. 

2: gateway to the drugs 

Another argument against the organization of marijuana medical use is that it will open a gateway to drug supplements and usage. It will bring more use of drugs like heroin and cocaine. Some argue that marijuana use does not open the way to the gateway to other drugs. 

Side effects of marijuana on the health 

There are many benefits of marijuana on health, but its side effects can’t overlook. Let’s discuss some potential side effects of marijuana on health. 

Short-term side effects 

Marijuana can impair cognitive functioning, resulting in memory loss, attention, and decision-making power. It can lead to difficulties in daily working activities such as driving etc. 

It can increase the heart rate, which is dangerous for individuals with pre-existing heart diseases. It can lead to heart attack, chest pain, and palpitations. 

Marijuana can cause dry mouth and red eyes. It reduces saliva production and dilates the blood vessels. 

It can cause anxiety, depression, and paranoia in individuals who take high doses and those who have pre deposed these things. 

Long-term side effects 

  • Marijuana gas also has long-term side effects on brain development, particularly in adults. 
  • Marijuana smoke contains toxins like carcinogenic smoke, which leads to respiratory issues. 
  • Long-term marijuana use can lead to impaired judgment function and memory loss. 
  • It is not addictive, but some individuals get an addiction to it when they use it. 
  • It can result in increased mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and psychosis. 

Bottom line: Should medical marijuana legalize?

Marijuana is a very beneficial plant for medical purposes and health, but its use remains declined for many years. Its use was illegal for many years due to its addiction, abuse, and long-term and short-term side effects. As there is advancement in scientific research occurs, its benefits come on the screen, and some states declare it legal.

Now it is legal to use in medicine because of its beneficial effects against headaches, chronic disease, and anxiety. So its use should legalize for medical purposes, and the dose should take in the prescribed way. You can know more about IoT in other articles.

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