IoT Devices Examples

Introduction: IoT Devices Examples. It is a matter of today that many IoT products have overtaken the large number of humans on this planet. There are around 7.62 billion human beings on our planet.

Yet, to your surprise, with the ever-growing graph of IoT devices, by 2022, around 20 billion IoT smart devices could be up and running with the increased demand for 5g networks. 

IoT Devices Examples
IoT Devices Examples

The production and use of Internet of Things devices are multiplying. IoT products and devices mainly include laptops, smartphones, smart gadgets, smartwatches, and digitalized vehicles, and almost all of them are widely used nowadays.

Are you curious to know about IoT devices? In this article, I’ll explain everything that you need to know.

What are IoT devices?

IoT devices are hardware appliances, such as sensors, gadgets, devices, and other machines that collect and exchange data over the Internet. They are programmed for specific applications and can be embedded in other IoT devices. For instance, an IoT device in your car can identify oncoming traffic and automatically message the person you’re about to meet about your impending delay.

How do IoT devices work?

IoT devices have distinct functions, but they all have resemblances in their work. First, IoT devices are objects that sense things in the physical world. They consist of an integrated CPU, network adapter, and firmware and are usually related to a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server. It also needs an IP address to work on the network.

Most IoT devices are configured and controlled through a software application. For instance, an app on your smartphone controls the lights in your home. Some devices also have integrated web servers, eliminating external application requirements. For example, lights turn on immediately when you enter a room.

Examples of IoT devices.

Listed below are the top examples of Internet of Things devices used worldwide.

Home security

The essential driver behind smart and secure homes is IoT. Various sensors, lights, alarms, and cameras (all of which can be handled from a smartphone) are linked via IoT to provide 24×7 security.

Activity trackers

Smart home security cameras provide alertness and peace of mind. Activity trackers are sensor devices that monitor and transmit vital health indicators in real time.

Kuri Mobile Robot

Kuri is the first and most famous type of home robot. It is specially designed for entertainment. Kuri interacts with users and catches everyday moments around the home.

  •  Kuri contains capacitive touch sensors and an HD camera.
  • The signal is integrated with the mechanics and microphones.
  • It has heart lights and speakers.
  • It includes a system of integrated mapping sensors and drives.
  • It has a suitable processor and a smooth charging pad.

Industrial safety and security

IoT-enabled detection systems, sensors, and cameras can be identified in restricted areas to see trespassers. They can also detect pressure surges and small leaks of hazardous chemicals and rectify them before they become serious problems.

Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented Reality (AR) glasses are wearable computer-powered glasses that help you access additional information, such as 3D animations and videos related to the user’s real-world scenes. Information is presented within the lens of the glass and can support users’ access to Internet applications.

Motion detection

Motion sensors can see vibrations in buildings, bridges, dams, and other large-scale structures. These devices can identify irregularities and structural disturbances leading to catastrophic failures. They can also be used in areas prone to floods, landslides, and earthquakes.

Google Home Voice Controller

The Google Home Voice Controller is a smart IoT device that allows users to enjoy features such as media, alarms, lights, thermostats, volume control, and many more functions with just their voice.

Google Home allows the user to listen to media.

  • Let the user control the TV and speakers.
  • It can manage timers and alarms.
  • It can also handle the volume and home lights remotely.
  • It helps the user plan their day and automates tasks.

August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Cam is an efficient IoT innovation. August Doorbell Cam permits you to answer your door from anywhere or remotely. It constantly checks your doors and captures movement changes at your doorstep.

  • Pair a doorbell cam with all August smart locks to ease guests into your home.
  • Integrated floodlight delivers clear, full-color HD video with even full color.
  • It constantly monitors your threshold and will click moments leading up to the motion alert.
  • Free 24-hour video recording.
  • It comes with a fast and hassle-free installation process.

Advantages of IoT Devices

These smart devices have multiple advantages, some of which are given below.

  • IoT enables interaction between devices, known as machine-to-machine interaction.
  • It provides good automation and control.
  • More technical information is incorporated, so it is better to work.
  • IoT is characterized by strong monitoring.
  • It saves a lot of time.
  • IoT allows for saving more money by reducing manual work and time.
  • Automating daily life tasks leads to better monitoring of appliances.
  • Increase efficiency and save time.
  • Good qualities make for a better quality of life.

Disadvantages of IoT devices

Although it has many benefits, it also has some disadvantages.

Below are the various errors:

  • There is no global compatibility standard for Internet of Things devices.
  • They can be highly complex as a result of failure.
  • Internet of Things devices can be affected by privacy and security breaches.
  • Reduced protection for consumers.
  • A reduction in manual labor employment thus leads to a reduction in jobs.
  • Internet of Things appliances can take over life with increasing AI technology.

Last words: IoT Devices Examples

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are a hot topic in the current era. We understand how these smart devices created by humanity for humankind are impacting positively and negatively. IoT is just getting started, and projections for the future growth of IoT devices are massive.

Integrating AI and IoT will enable creative thinking and innovative applications across multiple industries. The world is gradually transforming into a ‘smart’ world with smart solutions. IoT has given many options to both businesses and governments to improve their operations and become more efficient.

Moreover, a bright future is shining for IoT professionals, and new opportunities are emerging in the near ‘smart’ future.

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