Should medical errors be criminalized?

Introduction: Should medical errors be criminalized?. Medical errors have unintended actions that may lead to harm to patients. They may happen at any stage of medical care, diagnosis, and medication administration. 

Medical errors may arise due to various factors, including communication breakdowns and technical errors. They can significantly harm patients, leading to physical and financial damages. This article tells the pros and cons of criminalizing medical errors.

Medical errors can have serious consequences, but whether they should criminalize is a complex issue that requires careful consideration of various factors. Criminalizing medical errors is a way to hold healthcare providers accountable.

 It may also discourage transparency and reporting of errors. Additionally, determining criminal liability for medical errors can be challenging due to the complexities of medical practice. Let’s read Should medical errors be criminalized?

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History Of Internet Of Medical Things

Introduction: History Of Internet Of Medical Things (IoMT). Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solutions typically use devices such as smartphones to enhance an individual’s well-being. Nevertheless, the scientific contribution it can bring and makes the IoMT promising for the future.

Indeed, while a patient sees a medical device as a solution to their problems, professionals (i.e., doctors and researchers) can use it as a data source to discover new diseases and treatments.

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